Saturday, January 12, 2013

Next Holiday post - drive up to Northern California to see the Syed family!

We were lucky enough to have friend's place to stay in in our old stomping grounds of Santa Cruz. Wasn't it appropriate that we were greeted by a rainbow on our first morning there?

First things first was our second Christmas at Grandma Amy's. Amy gets credit for all these photos, which is also why she's not in any of them!

The girls in their new hats - made by Grandma!

Moin got a handmade SF Giants scarf

Quinn and Khalil spent some good time completing Quinn's new Christmas puzzle, and the rest of us also enjoyed opening our presents and spending time together.

We also got out and about while visiting the Syed's in Los Altos.

We went to San Jose's "Christmas in the Park", which was pretty empty post-Christmas so easy to explore. The kids really loved these singing frogs.

Khalil showed off his famous dance moves

and the kids all had a blast! (so did the adults)

While we were in norcal, we also got the chance to see a few friends, although never as many as we want to!
Quinn got to catch up with his buddy Lou

Can you believe these two have known each other since they were born? I can assure you that they're both exactly the same as they were five years ago - just bigger. So sweet!

The girls enjoyed playing with Lou's little bro Julien

although Penelope and "meow" were a little out of sorts for a while :)

Aunt Kara also paid us a visit in our Santa Cruz home

As did Auntie  Polly, Uncle Carl and cousin Charles!

There's nothing quite like getting your kids together with your best friends new baby. It's the best!

While in Santa Cruz we also got to visit some old haunts, like the Walnut cafe in downtown Santa Cruz. Quinn spent so much time there as a baby

Not offense to anyone else, but the highlight for the girls might have been Buster - the cat we were watching in our temporary Santa Cruz home. Obsessed.

Finally, on our way back down south we made our annual visit to see Linda, Bo, Tayo and Keanu in Santa Barbara. I think Quinn was happy to see some other boys his age - he and Keanu wrestled pretty much the whole time! All pictures of them were blurry - they didn't stop moving!

We never have enough time in Northern California, but we always enjoy it. It was wonderful to see everyone!

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