Thursday, January 31, 2013

New beds

Sometimes, as a parent, you have plans. And, most of the time, your kids have different plans.

Case in point: we had the plan that the girls would sleep in their cribs until they were 3. The girls, however, decided they were ready to get out NOW.

The result? New beds!

The beds are actually their cribs, just converted to toddler beds. But they LOVE shouting "New beds!"

They've actually slept great in their new beds, but their new found freedom has resulted in a few *ahem* adjustments. For whatever reason, the girls decided that they needed to destroy their room before going to bed every night now that they can move around. So, they've now lost their changing table (jumping off the top), their dresser (emptying all the drawers), and bookcase (taking off all the books AND the shelves). 

But, ever since we removed all that stuff, they've slept great! Maybe we didn't need to give them the biggest room in the house?

Penelope and Zahra feel very old and important about their new beds. And they've been quick to point out that their beds now look like Quinn's. They were even excited to show off their new bed-sleeping skills at a recent trip to Ikea!

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