Sunday, November 25, 2012

We had thanksgiving in Iowa this year, and had a great time.

The kids mostly watch DVD's on the trip, but the girls also had a nice doze.

No dozing for Quinn!

Some early morning sports center watching, courtesy of Eli

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Todd's house this year with lots of wonderful people. We didn't get a picture of the big table, but here are the kids eating before everyone else.

They then settled into some TV watching while the rest of us ate.

Anna and Eli were angels for getting up at 6 with the kids the next day to help entertain them. They must have played 20+ games of go fish with Quinn!

THIS is what I'm thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!
We had Quinn's parent-teacher conference last week. Or, as his school calls it, a "celebration of learning"

There were a variety of crafts hanging up. Quinn made this one - it says "I'm thankful for my mom." Of course, I had to take a picture of that!

Here is Quinn's "hopes and dreams" picture. Parents had to fill out their hopes and dreams for their child, and then the child did the same.

I wrote "That he is always kind, always happy, and works hard at everything he does." Quinn wrote, "I hope to make new friends."

Quinn's teacher, Miss Jill, told us that Quinn needs to work on his handwriting, and that he excels at math. She also noted that he is reading at 1st grade level, and that his balance could use a little work. All things we knew about our wonderful child!

Below is a photo of one of Quinn's essays. He wrote, "I went to Bakery with my mom and dad and with my sisters." He got one ice cream scoop for that essay. You can get up to two scoops, but he got knocked points for leaving off the "the" before Bakery. Strict!

Miss Jill likes to give out little gifts as incentives. Here is Quinn with a pair of vampire teeth he received for turning in his homework on time, along with a handmade Turkey hat. Moin picked him up from the bus that day, and said Quinn emerged from the bus wearing this ensemble and was quite a hit among the other parents.

We're proud of Quinn for working so hard in school thus far!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More photos!

Quinn is a reader now! He can read chapter books on his own - sometimes we have periods of quiet now :)

Penelope pulled out a copy of Anna Karenina and started "reading" it. Future Aunt Kelly?

See the blurs? That's P&Z ending a somersault over that blue circular apparatus in gymnastic.

Hanging at the park. We've had some warmer weather this week.

Sand digging

Sliding! At Edinburough park

Penelope ready to be pushed fast!

Then doing the slide herself. Please note her brother behind her, about to push her out of the way.

All our kids think chips and guac from Chipotle is a complete meal. I plead the fifth as to where they learned that.

Old Halloween photo. Moin and Q waiting to hand out candy.

Quinn was so proud to bring this sign home from school. It reads, "Happy Halloween! Today is Wednesday October 31st, 2012. The line leader is QUINN" He was so proud.

The girls love these dress up dolls they got from Aunt Kelly. They call the blond one mom and the dark haired one dad :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photos from the week!

My mom and I saw a Madonna concert!

Even bigger - the kids got to go with me to vote! Quinn has come with me or Moin tons of times, but this was the girls' first time doing so. Can you sense their excitement?

Quinn pointing to Obama's name. He's been able to vote for him both times :)

We voted!

We are so lucky that Auntie Tiff has work-related business several times a year in the twin cities. The kids love her.

Quinn and I took in a production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at the Children's theater. What an amazing place. This is our second play there and we love them.

Waiting for the show

Blurry, but you can see what the stage looked like

Matching shoes

Finally, the girls relaxing at the Roseville library

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We've had a busy couple weeks with the girls' birthday and halloween and the election coming up, but we still managed to capture a few fun photographic moments.

Wheeee! At Edinburough park

Quinn watching the halloween cupcakes bake. Yes he will sit there and watch the entire baking period

Peanut and I enjoying a "warm" Minnesota fall afternoon

Penelope lining up friends at gymnastics. These dolls may be fun, but truth be told they're kind of a distraction from the actual gymnastics that's supposed to be taking place

Zahra in the train playroom at Java Train Cafe

P helping Q play chutes and ladders on Halloween morning. See his face make-up? That's what he wore to school instead of his mask.

Trick-or-treating! Two flamenco dancers and a zombie wizard! Quinn was not allowed to wear his "scream" mask around his sisters, so we painted his face and made him a zombie wizard instead. He wore his mask for a second round of trick-or-treating after they went to bed.

Off we go!

Counting the loot. Of course the girls did not like any of the candy, but they were still proud of what they received.

Post-swimming lesson donut with mom!

Zahra loves the outdoors

Even when she was a baby, she would lift her face up when it was raining and yell with delight. And she's never minded the cold or heat even one little bit. The other two are - how shall I say it - a bit more particular about the outdoor elements.

This weekend Zahra got to spend hours helping Moin with yard work and was in 7th heaven. Quinn helped too but complained the entire time (too cold, too windy, too dusty, etc. etc.). Penelope was outside for a bit but had no interest in helping and ultimately just wanted to go back in because she was cold.

But not Zahra.

This girl can stay out all day, and doesn't even think it's cold enough yet (mid-30's) for hat and mittens.

I guess we know which kid gets the snow-shoveling job as a teenager!