Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

It's been spring break around these parts which means that Quinn has the week off school. We've also been lucky enough to have Eli staying with us for the week as well.
That means fun fun fun for the kids, and exhaustion for WaPa who have been watching them ALL all week.

Over the weekend we took all the kids to the Mall of America so that Quinn could select a new lego set to keep him occupied for the week. He selected the "Monster fighter" set, which includes a werewolf, a car and a scary tree.

At the MOA the kids ran into a giant Dora which slightly terrified me but they liked.

Moin and I also took all the kids to the Science Museum. We became members this year, a fact which made Quinn overjoyed. View of the Mississippi river from the museum - no ice!

Penelope was pretty scared of the giant fossils, but Zahra wasn't.

Penelope did find an opportunity to build towers and do puzzles - her current favorite things

There was an area for kids to build a model flyer and Quinn made one that flew up the tube!

Wa and Pa also had a busy busy week with the kids, and it's not over yet! So far they've been to:
The history museum
two libraries
Dale nature center
several coffee shops

Grandpa also took Eli (and Todd) to a Wolves/Lakers game and we all found time to watch KU play on TV.

Oh, and did I mention the girls are being potty trained??!!??

Busy week!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet Quinn story

Today I was telling Quinn that he'll be a good dad one day because he's such a good big brother to his sisters.

He asked when he would be a dad, and I told him not until he was done with college. He then added, "first I might want to do some other stuff, then I'll get a beautiful wife, and then I'll be a dad"

I'm not sure where he heard that "beautiful wife" part, but it was pretty cute.

Then I mentioned that Zahra and Penelope would be good moms one day, and Quinn said, "and if one of them wants a wife too, that will be ok with us"

Aren't we lucky to have such a sweet kid?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo Updates

I haven't posted much recently, mostly because we're stuck in the doldrums of winter and all had the stomach flu last week. But, we do have some photo updates!

Quinn has moved up a level in swimming and is doing a really good job.

In this picture he's holding onto the "barbell" while swimming with his teacher.

Quinn and Zahra at smashburger

Penelope - don't all children watch TV while doing elbow pull-ups on a chair?

Quinn's sparkly unicorn puzzle in progress

A couple of recent school creations from Quinn.
First, his first bar graph.

Second, a photo from his "life-cycle" book he made in Science class. Nothing between reproduction and death? Really?

Penelope and Zahra playing at the midtown global market - one of our favorite places to go together.

See Penelope pulling Zahra in the cart? They love doing that!