Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apple picking

We made our annual trip to Minnetonka orchards for apple picking. This year the weather was kind of awful - rainy and windy - but remarkably, none of the kids complained and we all had a great time.

Nothing to cheer the mood like a bunch of donuts!

This is what scarecrows look like in Minnesota.
 How tall this year? Zahra refused to be measured.

Penelope riding the train.

Moin cutting a fresh honeycrisp for the kids. Quinn kept exclaiming how good it was, and even said it was the best thing he's ever eaten. It's true- fall apples in Minnesota are better than any other I've ever tasted.

updates from the last few weeks

I've been slow to update these past few weeks. Here are the overdue pictures - mostly of the girls this time, as Quinn has been so busy with school!

Zahra's drawing of her teacher, Ayuko. She says she is going to be Ayuko when she grows up.

Penelope's drawing of Quinn. And below is her very own "P"

Penelope and Quinn at our annual post-flu show meal at Tony's diner. Pretty perky for two kids who just got shots, right?

The girls helping Moin cook - one of their favorite activities.

A funny story about the girls today. Zahra asked Penelope to play with her, and Penelope said no. Zahra said,
"You never want to play with me Penelope"
Penelope replied,
"Don't worry Zahra. I'll play with you next Friday"

This of course, is all couched in the information that the only thing these two do is play with one another.

A few new gymnastics pictures - that's Penelope waiting for class to start and Zahra doing the handstand.

This is a picture of everything Penelope feels is necessary to take to school on a given day.

The girls enjoying the sunshine at the zoo

And speaking of sunshine, we've bought everyone's winter gear, so we're all set to go. Whether we like it or not.

Finally, one school related picture from Quinn. He was moved up to 3rd grade math. Luckily they put him with a group of second graders doing third grade math, so he doesn't have to be with kids two years older. He's doing a great job with the math part, but his handwriting is still coming along!