Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another California trip post - I told you they'd come in bits and pieces.

This one is a biggie, though, so get prepared. This blog post is about...our trip to Disneyland!

Yes, Moin and I took Quinn, Anna and Eli to Disneyland. We were actually a little worried about how Quinn would do there, as he can get overwhelmed easily. But, the fun clearly outweighed the anxiety and he had a BLAST! Really - is there anything better than taking your 5-year-old to Disneyland for the first time?

We left early in the morning to get there, and the big kids slept the whole way

We started out slow - on small world, which is always a favorite of the little ones. Quinn was a little worried on our first go around, because at that point he wasn't totally sure what a "ride" meant, and whether or not it would be scary.

Anna, however, was just super excited from the get-go

Quinn loved small world, and wanted to go on several more times. Which we did!

He also really enjoyed toon town.

We got to practice our sweet dance moves on Mickey's soundstage

And watch a cake baking in Mickey's house (Quinn's favorite, naturally)

And, of course, eat cotton candy

The big kids also had a blast, and while they loved toon town, they probably loved Space Mountain even more

Overall, Quinn said his favorite ride was Alice in Wonderland, which unfortunately we only got to go on once. The line was too long, and his was too wiped out by the time we tried again. Next time, we'll do that one first!

For the rest of our time in Southern California, we mostly hung out in Hemet.
We got to spend New Years Eve with our favorite Hemet New Years eve crew

Yes, my dad cut off moin's head on our New Year's Eve photo!

And the kids logged a lot of additional backyard time, soaking up the last bits of sunshine before we returned to the frigid north.

Finally, Quinn logged many many hours of US bingo before we left, deftly defeating anyone who crossed his path

Maybe the pink sunglasses are his secret weapon?

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