Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grandma Amy's visit!

Well, Grandma Amy visited way back in June but I am just now getting around to updating about her visit. We have had a busy summer!

We got to visit the Nook, one of our favorite restaurants in St. Paul, and of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fame. 

The kids were supposed to be celebrating my new job while at the nook, but they were way more excited about the food!

Of course, we also HAD to get Izzy's ice cream.

We also took a trip to Teddy Bear Park.

And Grandma Amy was here for Zahra and Penelope's last day of school, and end-of-year picnic.

 Plus, she got to accompany Quinn to get his giant mop of hair cut off for summer!
Looks good, right?

But mostly, Grandma Amy spent lots of time with the girls during the day while Quinn was at school. They loved having her around to read and play with them, and can't wait for her to come visit again!

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