Saturday, August 2, 2014

Big visit!

Quinn had his big meeting with Secretary and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton this month!

For the back story: I saw that Secretary Clinton would be in St. Paul signing her new book. Given Quinn's obsession with the presidents and first ladies, I knew he would be interested in meeting her. So, I got up at 6am and stood in line for 3 hours to get him a ticket. In the end, the waiting was worth it because Quinn had a great time.

On the day of our actual visit, we also had to wait for several hours together. I had no idea how Quinn would do waiting for so long, but he was actually incredibly well behaved. He passed the time by reading his first ladies book and playing ipad.

We met lots of fun people in line, many of whom were impressed with Quinn's presidential expertise.

As we got closer, we had to get frisked by secret service, which was truthfully a highlight for Quinn!

He's about to lose it here from the heat and the waiting, but we are so close!!!

Now, for the big moment. Meeting Hillary. No pictures were allowed inside.
 I stood back so Quinn could have his moment with her. He shook her hand and she asked his age and how old he was.
Then Quinn said, "I love the presidents and you are going to be our next president."
Hillary: "You love the presidents? Like, you study them?"
Quinn: "Yes"
Hillary: "Who is your favorite president"
Quinn: "Barack Obama"
Hillary: '"well, he is a very good president" - then she starting talking about how Quinn should keep working very hard at learning about the presidents and work hard in school because it is very important. I was so distracted at that point because Quinn started to cry a little bit. He was so excited! 

Being a kid obsessed with US history is not that common, so I'm so happy Quinn got to go to an event where he got to meet someone he is so interested in. The best part is when a woman in line tried to tell Quinn that Jimmy Carter only had 1 child (Amy). He was like, "no he had four". She said, "No, young man, it was 1. I WAS THERE." Quinn said, "fine, but he still had four". Of course, Quinn was right.

It was a great day! And now, we have THIS hanging in our house :)

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